Meet McCloud: Design, Subscribe, Integrate.

Design your workspace for companies, members, guests. Subscribe to McCloud’s service by the month. Integrate with your preferred cloud business and CRM platforms.

Smart spaces, fast spaces, automated spaces – build your space to fit your business.

McCloud Introduction

Internet is distributed, hardware automated, networks enabled and secured. WiFi merged, voice services supported and reports made. We even integrate with cloud applications.

Our expertise is shared workspace. McCloud creates many different work environments such as traditional offices, serviced offices along with coworks, lounges and hub workspaces, hybrid spaces and drop-ins.

Nowadays, Corporate real estate managers increasingly turn to a full serviced model, which displace IT budgets in most cases. With Medusa, our interface designed for non-technical staff would suffice your IT needs.

We also have innovative ideas such as “work where you want” roaming throughout the building  or a presence-tracking of time spent on site.

So Medusa McCloud’s simple user interface is all you need, our software does the rest.


  • Delivered as a subscription service
  • Automated with Integrations to common billing and CRM platforms
  • Creates services as revenue models
  • Creates Coworks, Centres, Hybrid-centres, meeting suites, drop-in spaces …
  • Shares a workspace across 1 to 200 businesses, and 1000s of Members and Guests
  • Everything that is needed: security, bandwidth plans, reporting, patchless room management…

McCloud Specification

Our Technology


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